T-Mobile - Webex eLearning

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Storyline 360®, Adobe® Audition®, Photoshop®, Illustrator®

In the spring of 2019, I created a curriculum to train all T-Mobile employees on using Webex for desktop app and conference room solutions. The curriculum included an eLearning introduction, a series of videos, several job aids, and links to external resources. The eLearning piece was developed with Storyline 360, including animations and audio narration. Audio was included, which I edited and exported out of Adobe Audition. The eLearning course, as well as the entire curriculum were hosted on a Cornerstone® LMS.


Several interactivities were set up, including a drag 'n' drop exercise (pictured above) which was customized to provide feedback as each drag item is dropped on a target. The exercise was also customized to complete without the need of a submit button. Screen recording videos were added near the conclusion to demonstrate content areas previously covered. Storyline's screen recording tool was used.

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