I have a knack for addressing eLearning content both strategically and aesthetically, with over a decade of experience working with various subject matter experts, classroom-based instructors, and other instructional designers. eLearning projects I’ve worked on have mainly focused on technical software training but have also included business forecasting, employee new hire orientation, and environmental compliance topics.

My background in web design and familiarity with graphic tools such as Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator are beneficial to eLearning course design & development. Besides helping with the initial design of a course, I can assist with various graphic assets during production

The following samples are from training projects I have completed either as Demian Design or previously as an employee of other companies and businesses, covering a wide range of years and several development tools. Please click on the examples below for details.

Instructional Illustrations

Sun Network Services
Information Filter

Certivo CPFR
Trading Partners
Sun Network Services

RealNetworks Intranet
Interactive Office Locations Map

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