T-Mobile - Platform Distinctions

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Storyline 360®, Adobe® Audition®, Photoshop®

In early 2019, I built a course to introduce T-Mobile's IT employees to the different types of development platforms in existence, as well as to define the types of platforms available at T-Mobile. Audio narration was included, edited and exported out of Adobe Audition. Storyline 360 was used to build this course. Variables were used to confirm all sections of the course were viewed before allowing users to proceed. The course was hosted on a Cornerstone® LMS.


Several interactivities were set up, including a drag 'n' drop exercise (pictured above) which was customized to provide feedback as each drag item is dropped on a target. The exercise was also customized to complete without the need of a submit button. Screen recording videos were added near the conclusion to demonstrate content areas previously covered. Storyline's screen recording tool was used.

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