Website Design

Over the years, I have produced website layouts for small businesses and for corporate intranet sites. I was responsible for administrating the RealNetworks intranet site for several years, including the rollout of acquisition and educational information. With Clearwater Paper I also performed educational related updates to their corporate intranet site.

I built this portfolio site with Bootstrap (an HTML, CSS, JS library). Utilizing Bootstrap, I can give your website a responsive design that will resize to display appropriately at any screen size, including mobile size. For example, resize this window to a small enough size and you will notice the top navigation menu switch to a mobile friendly menu, along with a fluid content layout.

At the start of any web project, I will follow an initial meeting with a proposal, covering design and functionality requirements. This allows expectations to be aligned before moving on to the design phase.

Flash Banners & Website Iconography

These examples show animated text, images, and custom graphics & icons which were included within larger website layouts. The links open in a separate window and require the Flash Player® to be installed & activated in order to view.

Media Lab Recent Events - An image slide show with scrolling text fade transitions.
Media Lab Banner Button - Iconography with scrolling text fade transitions.

Team Z Video - 3D stylistic, spinning logo.

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