Instructional Design

I specialize in multimedia & eLearning but have also crossed into the world of instructor-led training with the creation of hard copy materials, job aids, and the synchronizing of blended materials for classroom-based instructors. I have a proven ability to pick up new tools quickly, and an affinity for the evaluation of new software for specific training projects. I am comfortable working with SMEs (subject matter experts) with varying levels of technical expertise, from SMEs who are not so tech savvy to those with programming backgrounds more fluent than mine. I have verifiable experience transferring highly technical topics to non-technical audiences, working with technical SMEs to translate digestible content while maintaining technical objectives. I managed the evaluation & selection of an LMS (learning management system) for the University of Real Learning, and also have experience administrating several LMS implementations with a variety of companies. Additionally, I have written sections of content for training programs (RealNetworks, Clearwater Paper, T-Mobile) and company-wide intranet communications (RealNetworks). I have been characterized by colleagues as a jack-of-all-trades in the world of eLearning, with crossover to the instructor-led realm. I have a passion for interactivity in the learning process, multimedia, and communications.

ADDIE Model of Design

I have utilized the ADDIE model since my first instructional designer role with The Webb Group, where we would initially meet with clients to analyze training requirements. During the design phase, I still lean on some of my initial practices at The Webb Group when storyboarding, particularly when brainstorming initial phases of creation. Although formal storyboards are generally required in a digital format before getting underway, I have found that initial phases can be easier to visualize (particularly when incorporating feedback from multiple subject matter experts) when using visual methods such as storyboarding on a large table or wall with separate sheets of physical paper representing different pages or sections. Of course, this isn’t always the case. Every course, every project, is different but I have found that visual methods have come in handy when needing to get over that initial hurdle of getting all stake holders into the same “vision” of how a course will proceed. There are other visual methods but the above described is just an old favorite of mine that has gotten the ball rolling on a few occasions.

Instructor Led Training Materials

I have led or contributed to the scoping out and production of various course manuals, workbooks, and job aids during my career. At IBM/Rational Software I was an ILT Production Coordinator, also providing assistance to the web-based training team. With both RealNetworks and Clearwater Paper, my primary focus was eLearning but I assisted instructor-led teams with strategy & production of hard copy materials.

Storyboards & Scripts

Whether eLearning, instructor-led, blended, or supplemental material, I have experience storyboarding and scripting a variety of training types. I most commonly create storyboards with Word or PowerPoint, following an analysis and scoping of requirements & expected audience.

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