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I provide premiere services in the areas of multimedia, eLearning, graphic design, web design, and instructional design. I have been creating eLearning since 2000, websites and graphic media for the web or print since the late ‘90’s. This site chronicles some of the projects I’ve worked on throughout my career.

I have a knack for addressing eLearning content both strategically and aesthetically, with over a decade of experience working with various subject matter experts, classroom-based instructors, and other instructional designers.
Over the years, I have produced website layouts for small businesses and for corporate intranet sites. I was responsible for administrating the RealNetworks intranet site for several years, including the rollout of acquisition and educational information.

Instructional Design

I am an instructional designer with a specialty in multimedia & eLearning but I have also crossed into the world of instructor-led training...


Having a background in web design & multimedia, I often utilize software that crosses over well from website layout to eLearning development...


Working for several companies over the years has led me to researching and learning a variety of technologies to implement in different types of courses...

Proactive Solutions

Whether eLearning, website, or print related I provide an initial analysis to look at the big picture of any given project. After measuring the anticipated before & after results of a client's expectations, I look to discover any gaps before unforeseen issues may arise, offering proactive solutions. I also analyze strategies for potentially beneficial next steps, based off expected results from the successful completion of any given project.

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